Contact Art of Melush for your very own Personalized art commission experience! Services available in the following:


Painting, drawing or mixed media

When Melinda creates a piece of art, usually there is some kind of story behind it.  Some piece of history, magic, or dreaming.  What is your story?  What is your dream? Ever wanted to see it realized as a piece of art?  A piece of art which goes beyond mere decoration and really represents something close to your heart?  Perhaps you have something you want to say to a loved one through the gift of a personalized piece.  Whichever the case, contact Art of Melush today for a quote and discuss with us your vision.

Design services

Previous clients have commissioned Art of Melush for a range of design services from logo and corporate branding to creative design, illustration and layout.  Examples of available design services from Art of Melush include:


  • Logo Design/branding
  • Book or CD cover design and layout
  • Illustration services
  • Design / layout for print media

Production by Art of Melush

Art of Melush is available for commission in the following pre and post production capacities:


  • Story boarding
  • Staging
  • Animation and info-graphics
  • Editing
  • Concept - completion : let Art of Melush bring together a team of professionals to bring your production to life


Check out the Art of Melush YouTube channel for show reel and other clips.

Events by Art of Melush

Trying to organize an event and want to give it that creative edge? Why not draw upon many years of experience in arranging and curating exhibitions and art events by commissioning Art of Melush to make your event one to truely remember!


For all information on commissioning services, contact Art of Melush today!