Leasing Artwork

For Home or Real Estate

Are you a real estate agent needing to stage a property with something a little different?  Perhaps you are trying to decide on a piece of art or enjoy a change in the art around you.  Maybe you have an event or venue which needs a certain flair or feeling. Have you ever considered leasing an artwork?


Leasing artwork is straight forward. For just 5% of the sale price of an image per month you can can hire an original from Art of Melush. For all terms and conditions, contact Art of Melush here.


*For availability and pricing of artwork, please check out the Gallery.


For Licensing

Making a film, commercial etc and need to stage the scene?  Perhaps you have a product which you feel would work wonders with an image or design from Art of Melush on it and would like to licence the rights to use it?

Contact Art of Melush today for more information.