From a simple image to an entire realm, Art of Melush has a creative solution for you

Looking for something a little different? Have a concept which needs realizing? An atmosphere to create? A message or idea to get out into the world?  Or simply a need to be surrounded by some mystical and magical artwork?


Established by Melinda McCarthy, an artist who has worked in many mediums, genres and fields, 

Art of Melush has a variety of services which just may provide the creative solution you are looking for!


Commissioned Art

Make your creative idea a reality. Past clients have commissioned artist Meinda McCarthy to do personalized paintings / artworks, illustration, design and even animation, film and editing. You can too.  Learn more here.



Workshops and Live Art

Learn how to paint, draw or print with Art of Melush, or simply have demonstrations for your event. Learn more here.



Leasing an Artwork

Leasing art is a great way to get a feel for how a piece of art fits into your home.  Art is also available for staging, and licensing. Learn more here.



Purchasing Existing Work

In general Art of Melush prefers to sell original pieces in person.  Seeing an artwork in real life is different to when you view it online or in print, however online sales are possible using paypal.  Prices are quoted in the gallery section.  Please note, all shipping is handled by Art of Melush and arranged through UPS or Fedex only. See our terms and conditions for online sales.


Prints of selected work may also be purchased through our online print store with Fine America.



PRIVACY under GDPR regulations


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